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Streaming Partial Objects

Object generation can sometimes take a long time to complete, especially when you're generating a large schema.

In Generative UI use cases, it is useful to stream the object to the client in real-time to render UIs as the object is being generated. You can use the streamObject function to generate partial object streams.

import { openai } from '@ai-sdk/openai';
import { streamObject } from 'ai';
import { z } from 'zod';
const { partialObjectStream } = await streamObject({
model: openai('gpt-4-turbo'),
schema: z.object({
recipe: z.object({
name: z.string(),
ingredients: z.array(z.string()),
steps: z.array(z.string()),
prompt: 'Generate a lasagna recipe.',
for await (const partialObject of partialObjectStream) {