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useChat "Failed to Parse Stream String" Error


I am using useChat or useCompletion, and I am getting a "Failed to parse stream string. Invalid code" error. I am using version 3.0.20 or newer of the AI SDK.


The AI SDK has switched to the stream data protocol in version 3.0.20. useChat and useCompletion expect stream parts that support data, tool calls, etc. What you see is a failure to parse the stream. This can be caused by using an older version of the AI SDK in the backend, by providing a text stream using a custom provider, or by using a raw LangChain stream result.


You can switch useChat and useCompletion to raw text stream processing with the streamMode parameter (introduced in v3.0.23 of the AI SDK). Set it to text as follows:

const { messages, append } = useChat({
streamMode: 'text',