AI SDK UIOverview

Vercel AI SDK UI

Vercel AI SDK UI is designed to help you build interactive chat, completion, and assistant applications with ease. It is framework-agnostic toolkit, streamlining the integration of advanced AI functionalities into your applications.

Vercel AI SDK UI provides robust abstractions that simplify the complex tasks of managing chat streams and UI updates on the frontend, enabling you to develop dynamic AI-driven interfaces more efficiently. With three main hooks — useChat, useCompletion, and useAssistant — you can incorporate real-time chat capabilities, text completions, and interactive assistant features into your app.

  • useChat offers real-time streaming of chat messages, abstracting state management for inputs, messages, loading, and errors, allowing for seamless integration into any UI design.
  • useCompletion enables you to handle text completions in your applications, managing chat input state and automatically updating the UI as new completions are streamed from your AI provider.
  • useAssistant is designed to facilitate interaction with OpenAI-compatible assistant APIs, managing UI state and updating it automatically as responses are streamed.

These hooks are designed to reduce the complexity and time required to implement AI interactions, letting you focus on creating exceptional user experiences.