AI SDK CoreOverview


Large Language Models (LLMs) are advanced programs that can understand, create, and engage with human language on a large scale. They are trained on vast amounts of written material to recognize patterns in language and predict what might come next in a given piece of text.

The Vercel AI SDK Core simplifies working with LLMs by offering a standardized way of integrating them into your app - so you can focus on building great AI applications for your users, not waste time on technical details.

For example, here’s how you can generate text with various models using the Vercel AI SDK:

import { generateText } from "ai"
import { openai } from "@ai-sdk/openai"
const { text } = await generateText({
model: openai("gpt-4-turbo"),
prompt: "What is love?"
Love is a complex and multifaceted emotion that can be felt and expressed in many different ways. It involves deep affection, care, compassion, and connection towards another person or thing. Love can take on various forms such as romantic love, platonic love, familial love, or self-love.

AI SDK Core Functions

AI SDK Core has various functions designed for text generation, structured data generation, and tool usage. These functions take a standardized approach to setting up prompts and settings, making it easier to work with different models.

  • generateText: Generates text and tool calls. This function is ideal for non-interactive use cases such as automation tasks where you need to write text (e.g. drafting email or summarizing web pages) and for agents that use tools.

  • streamText: Stream text and tool calls. You can use the streamText function for interactive use cases such as chat bots and content streaming. You can also generate UI components with tools (see Generative UI).

  • generateObject: Generates a typed, structured object that matches a Zod schema. You can use this function to force the language model to return structured data, e.g. for information extraction, synthetic data generation, or classification tasks.

  • streamObject: Stream a structured object that matches a Zod schema. You can use this function to stream generated UIs in combination with React Server Components (see Generative UI).